They simply belong. Grown for its handsome and eye-catching foliage, Hakone Grass (Hakonechloa macra) is a long-lived, tough, ornamental grass that, unlike most grasses, loves moist shady conditions. Annuals are plants that germinate, bloom, set seed, then die back in a single season. Oregon White Oak. Red flowering currants make a wonderful addition to any property here in the Pacific Northwest. Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest. Douglas firs are a common coniferous evergreen that grows throughout the region. Welcome to the Plants Northwest, Inc. website! Low growing, they are wonderful en masse, forming a miniature show of blue in the winter garden. Wetlands are an extremely important part of the ecosystem and they provide many important contributions. Pacific Northwest Wildflowers contains 16700 wildflower photographs by Mark Turner, Take a tram tour and gaze at our Douglas firs. This is a beautiful flowering bush. Use them as accents, or planted as borders in the perennial garden. Here are a few of our favorite "August-and-beyond" flowering plants for the Pacific Northwest: Editor's Note: Not all flowers on this list may be available. Their common name is Lenten Rose because their blooms coincide with the beginning of Lent. Order Pacific trillium, also called western wake-robin, thrives in woodland conditions with fertile, humus-rich yet well-drained soil. Browse Plants takes you to pages for individual plants with a photo, description, and But of course, I also love how beautiful they are. lucida) Pacific Northwest Native Plant Profile: Foamflower (Tiarella trifoliata) Proudly serving Vancouver, BC; West Vancouver, BC; Burnaby, BC; New Westminster, BC; Richmond, BC; and surrounding areas. Grown just for you. Powerful search tools make it easy to find just the photograph or species you They display their clump-fashioned flowers as early as February, and faithfully bloom throughout longer than most. The Pacific Northwest is home to many species of evergreen and deciduous plants. 1. From the popular Siberian Iris to the wild and bearded Iris, these plants have been a staple in the cultivated garden for centuries. Make gardening a breeze with these easy-care native plants. Latin and common name. Native to Japan, its foliage forms attractive, loose cascading mounds of gracefully arching, slender leaves that ripple in the slightest breeze. Indian Plum Ranging from solid green, to bright gold to creamy variegated throughout the spring and summer, the soft f… The photos were created These plants maintain an evergreen, compact form out of bloom, and rarely needing shrubbing. racemosa) Pacific Northwest Native Plant Profile: White spiraea (Spiraea betulifolia var. Native flowering plants are a good place to start when choosing perennials for … Either plants that were purported to tolerate extreme cold froze or they would just stall and not grow—languishing and longing for the heat and humidity of the south. These wonderful Eurasian perennials are a great addition in the garden. Other common evergreen trees include cedars with their distinguishing strips of bark and hemlocks, which have flat, lacelike leaves. © 2020 Carleton Landscaping. There are some great purple, cream and mauve color forms that steal the show as well. For a more in-depth look at these wonderful garden treasures, head over to our Resources page for a pdf on Hellebores. Learn more from our Portland-metro & Hillsboro landscapers about shade plants that can thrive in the Pacific Northwest! It is most easily identified by its pyramid shape growing habit. In the Pacific Northwest the period of flowering and fruiting of aquatic plants is very short when compared to the long period of vegetative develop-ment experienced by a large proportion of the species. Pacific NW Native Plants by Plant Community Western Hemlock-Douglas Fir Forest The most common plant community in the Pacific Northwest is dominated by large conifers, with a wide range of trees, shrubs and groundcovers as understory plants. 15 Top Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest. It reaches about 1 foot to 1 ½ feet tall in time, with glistening white, tripartite flowers in late winter to early spring that are visited by pollinating insects. Pacific northwest perennial flowers suited for the region range from sun worshippers to shade lovers and bulbs to groundcovers. available for license as stock photography for editorial or commercial use. It has all the qualities of a choice garden shrub: medium height (can reach small tree heights) with lush evergreen foliage that provides four-season interest. for reproduction upon agreement to a license and payment. Iceland poppies or carnations), will happily overwinter in the Pacific Northwest and re-bloom the following year. Contact us today: 503.256.5302. of the Olympic peninsula, WA, USA. Oregon white oak is another named to the top 10 native plants by the National Wildlife Federation. Designed to serve gardeners living west of the Cascade Mountains from Eugene, Oregon, to Vancouver, British Columbia, the Great Plant Picks program selects plants that perform exceptionally well in the Pacific Northwest region. by entering the first few letters of each word. The Pacific Northwest’s most iconic spring wildflower. Who doesn’t know the blue flowers of the Iris, which have been represented as symbols of royalty for the French, and representing Goddesses of Greek mythology. Quick Search is the fastest way to find an individual species. Some plants grown as annual plants in other parts of the country (e.g. Pacific Northwest Native Plant Profile: Red-flowering Currant (Ribes sanguineum) Pacific Northwest Native Plant Profile: Pacific Red Elderberry (Sambucus racemosa var. Six Fabulous Winter Flowering Plants light up the dark days of winter with fragrant ... (it’s a Pacific Northwest native that produces fruit) and for it’s pretty ... silvery, ovate leaves on a 6-8’ round evergreen shrub. The whole plant soon disappears in Spring, allowing the thoughtful gardener to add companion plants to fill in the gaps. Many species appear not to flower every year but may appear prominently in the flora vegetatively for ten to twelve months of each year. distribution map. It comes from the rose family. One of our favourite deciduous trees in our garden is the Cornus kousa dogwood. This winter blooming shrub has wonderful flowers with large pink or red blossoms, although many more colours and forms are becoming increasingly available in the nursery trade. from Amazon. WESTERN WASHINGTON. Follow this simple rule: remove any canes that gave you fruit. For awesome colour, Ericea carnea ‘Kramer’s Red’ has deep full body red. Tip: Lewisia needs excellent drainage and does well in rock gardens. You can search on partial names In spring, alongside Japanese maples and evergreen trees, they are perfect companions to rhododendrons and azaleas. As a native plant, it supports a wide range of wildlife, including picky specialist insects that rely on it to survive. We are lucky to have an early flowering dwarf iris’, with striking shades of blue-purple flowers in winter. Plants Oregon Grape Flowering Shrubs Native Plants Northwest Garden Pacific Northwest Garden Shrubs Shade Plants Native Plant Gardening. Posted on December 29, 2015 December 31, 2015 by levylawns Ground covers are great ways to … Camellias are also quite low maintenance; an absolute winner for hardiness and disease resistance. Here are five of our favourite picks for flowering plants to brighten up your landscape in winter. It was also included in the National Wildlife Federation top 10 native plants for the northwest. Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest. Browse Photos takes you to galleries of photos organized by month and location. Why Grow Pacific Northwest Annual Flowers? Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest. Plant them around ponds or water features, where their miniature beauty can be enjoyed. They all like good drainage and acidic soil. “Autumn Joy” Sedum is a popular plant in Pacific Northwest gardens. The stems that yielded fruit will still be clinging to the canes, making it easy to tell which ones to cut back. More gardeners are interested in the heritage of plants that grow in the Pacific Northwest, said Weston Miller, horticulturist with Oregon State University's Extension Service. 773. Their evergreen foliage is a great winter accent, too. Wander the trails to find wood sorrel or Pacific starflower. Mark is the photographer and co-author You will commonly find Iris reticula in nurseries, although other dwarf species are available. Luckily, there are a number of choice flowers that we have access to here in the Pacific Northwest. Choosing Perennials for the Pacific Northwest. want, whether it's a native plant or an introduced weed. Fig. Festooned with clusters of creamy white flowers, this tree is a popular choice in many Pacific Northwest coast gardens. Pacific Northwest Native Plant Profile: Red-flowering Currant (Ribes sanguineum) Although red-flowering currant ( Ribes sanguineum ) is a deciduous shrub, it offers year round appeal and habitat, making it a favorite among Pacific Northwest gardeners and wildlife, alike . Even better, some flowers that become annuals in other parts of the country grow as perennials for Pacific Northwest gardeners. Winter is a season that gardeners often spend inside, away from the ice, cold and snow. They are one of the few flowering plants … Also, their cultivation is so advanced that there are Hellebores in almost all shades of color, flower form, foliage, degree of doubling, petal shape and spotting, vigour and height…the list goes on and on. In fact, this region is famous for its abundant production of dahlias, lavenders, garden lilies and many more perennial plants. What we love about this tree is that it provides a beautiful and unique look to the Pacific Northwest and produces delicious fruit. Mark is a full-time nature and garden photographer and a self-trained botanist. Here are five of our favourite picks for flowering plants to brighten up your landscape in winter. An Eden for plants! Shade Plant Recommendations for the Pacific Northwest. Most are from Article by Better Homes and Gardens. Most are evergreen, low maintenance, with some varieties tolerant in dry shade. Our nursery is complete with a large and diverse assortment of plant material such as shade and flowering trees, broad leaf evergreens, conifers, deciduous shrubs, ornamental grasses, annuals and perennials. The flowers are clusters of pink/purple. Luckily, there are a number of choice flowers that we have access to here in the Pacific Northwest. There are many varieties of Winter Heathers. Great Plant Picks, administered by the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden in Seattle, Washington, also relies on a selection committee made up of horticultural experts from … Some varieties also tolerate shade, and are often bred with good structure and form. The gardenia for the Pacific Northwest: Gardenia jasminoides ‘Frostproof’ I’ve trialed more than a dozen “hardy” gardenias with less-than-stellar results. Rudbeckia fulgida (Black-Eyed Susan) Read about more hardy grevilleas at The Desert Northwest site, here. A blooming of diversity of many species of both flowering plants and conifers were found in these layers. 10 Great Ground-covers for the Pacific Northwest. (with Phyllis Gustafson) of the award-winning field guide, Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest. The rain-forests, but also the much drier inland forests, are chiefly formed by conifers: Western red cedar, Yellow cedar, Douglas Fir, Hemlocks and Sitka spruce are the most prominent species. We are proud to be one of Seattle's premier sources of wholesale plants for over 30 years. 1:A typical conifer forest near the Pacific coast. From there you can see more photos of the same species. throughout the Pacific Northwest and in other parts of the United States and Canada. Great tips, information and photos. Wetland Plants of the Pacific Northwest. This is the A-List of flowering plants recommended for Pacific Northwest gardens--updated to include the current crop of available perennials--in a lavishly photographed and definitive guide, which will aide in selecting the best perennials to build a successful garden. Every plant pictured is identified by Name: Lewisia cotyledon. The photos were created throughout the Pacific Northwest and in other parts of the United States and Canada. One of the Northwest's most beautiful wildflowers, lewisia bears charming pink, red, and white flowers in spring and summer. Deciduous plants, unlike evergreens, lose their foliage during the winter months. locations in Washington, Oregon, and northern California. Please ask us for substitutions and alternatives! Originating from the mountainous regions of Turkey, Iran and Iraq, they can be found blooming even as the snow melts around them. Sequential Flowering Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest. A top pick for a gorgeous flower in winter. Lowe and co-authors found the ancient forests consisted of several plants iconic to today’s Pacific Northwest region: cedars, firs, and other conifers, maples, birch and even ferns. They are … Summer. Native plants are a big part of native animal habitat, and we work constantly to keep Northwest Trek a haven for local flora. All rights reserved. … It’s hard to walk in the woods in the Pacific Northwest without encountering salal. Grown just for you. Wait a couple months to prune the completely dormant plants to ensure a great yield next season. However, Vancouver often has mild winters, and so the adventurous gardener may step out into the garden to find that there are some brave plants that put out flowers even in the coldest months of the year. You will often see them planted en masse throughout the Vancouver region. Camellias (Camellia japonica) A top pick for a gorgeous flower in winter. We like Calluna vulgaris, or Scotch Heather, as it is more unique in flower form. High resolution digital files are available Pacific Northwest Wildflowers contains 16700 wildflower photographs by Mark Turner, available for license as stock photography for editorial or commercial use.