This area of work is about sharing scientific knowledge and information with non-experts, and explaining or presenting it in an easy to understand way. We cover everything from job seeking advice, product / feature announcements, to the latest company headlines. Here we showcase the top 10 high paying jobs with no experience. For example, you could work as a: 1. Starting salaries are £17,000 to £21,000, while experienced Controllers can reach up to £50,000 depending on where you work and shift allowances. 7,599,930 B1; 7,827,125 and 7,836,060 - NYSE: MWW - V: 2020.26.0.27-808. Apply to science jobs now on Nature Careers, the leading job site for scientists As per the income, the economists are some of the highest paid employees because their contribution is invaluable to a company. US News ranks the best jobs without a college degree in America by scoring 7 factors like salary, work life balance, long term growth and stress level. The truth is, you don’t necessarily need years and years of studying to get well paid jobs. The high-paying jobs that DON’T require a degree – earn up to £56k a year New research has found 10 roles you don’t need a university degree for that pay more than the average UK … Days can be quite diverse. Proud to work here.” —Current Senior PM, Open Roles:В HR Administrator, Receptionist, Event Coordinator, Concierge, Content Writer & more, Locations: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, York & more, What Employees Say:В “Training and mentoring provided. Fortunately, companies are responding to this need — big-name businesses are increasingly looking for talented candidates regardless of their educational background. Apply to No Degree No Experience jobs now hiring on, the world's largest job site. Apply to No Degree jobs now hiring on, the world's largest job site. Training Managers conduct training programs for employers in a variety of different sectors. And if you’re looking for the latest in employer solutions and advice, we recommend our Talent Solutions Blog. Don’t have the time or money to get a BA? Whether you’re looking for a career change, or you’re new to the job field, we’ve found the best paid jobs that you can start with minimal training. Firefighters can earn up to £40,000 per year, depending on their rank. 2. The national Training Manager salary is £37,000, with the potential for more, depending on the company. #9 in Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree A career in sound engineering can take you to a diversity of places, from theater performances and sporting events to concerts and TV or movie sets. In the UK, chefs are in demand, with 22.4% of Head Chef, 22% of Sous Chef, and 21.3% of Executive Chef jobs remaining on the Indeed website for more than 60 days. For details on the full range of agriculture, environmental and animal care apprenticeships, see GOV.UK. Every type of enterprise needs a professional economist who will maintain the financial stability of the company. 8 companies offering work-from-home jobs that don't require a college degree Published Sun, Jan 27 2019 10:00 AM EST Updated Mon, Jan 28 2019 9:49 AM EST Courtney Connley … Radiation Therapist Providing radiation treatment to cancer patients pays, on average, $80,160 per year, with projected job growth at 14 percent between 2014 and 2024. Roles include planning, budgeting, overseeing and documenting. Probably one of the coolest nature jobs that exists is being a park ranger. Although some of the work can be done from the office, this role also means working on site – in all weather. As a Police Officer, there’s a variety of different roles you can do, and it’s not all about being out on the streets fighting crime directly. Vacancies. From the 22 well-paid jobs require no university degree in UK and USA Infographic, in conjunction with the information in the SlideShare (300 Best Jobs Without a Four-Year Degree) … 3. Sales Managers are responsible for leading their team towards a certain sales goal. These occupations usually work to understand, maintain, reproduce or improve environmental factors related to natural environments. We work with a number of guest contributors, so if … We work with a number of guest contributors, so if you’re interested in writing for us please contact us. Thanks for finding us! It only takes a second - see who’s viewing your profile and monitor your reputation. You are now a Monster member—and you'll receive more content in your inbox soon. Being a Construction Manager involves having good leadership and communication skills in order to coordinate and supervise projects. So, if you’re keen to put in the work and find an online teaching job without a degree… Project Managers can work in a variety of different fields and are essentially responsible for making sure the project is successful. On the plus side, Construction Managers can earn upwards of £50,000. Many of these jobs come complete with good pay and lots of opportunity for growth, making them a sound career choice. [UPDATED: Today] Hundreds of ESL & TEFL jobs for both new and experienced teachers - filter by country and apply with a click. A third of students regret going to university, listing reasons of debt and lack of jobs as the cause.