With the totally passive income a billboard provides, your property is likely to be more attractive to purchasers. This convergence between old and new presents many property owners with opportunities to increase the profitability of their land, as outdoor advertisers scramble to find and sign billboard lease agreements for the development of new and exciting billboard advertising projects. A successful advertising campaign can make a big difference in the price you get for your home and the time it takes to sell it. As the volume of traffic near your billboard increases, so should the rental fee paid to advertise on it. LDC Infrastructure is one of Australia’s leading lease and rental rights acquisition companies, and we’ve helped hundreds of property owners like you achieve greater financial security. Land and Property for Billboard. A flat billboard is standard, but it doesn’t have to be the norm. Second, smart billboards can be entertaining and somewhat interactive, allowing them to generate real engagement from the targeted demographic, which is something that many other forms of advertising struggle to accomplish. We have been in business for over 30 years and have over 350 billboards around the state. On almost every piece of property in America, you can’t build a billboard even if you want to. So what are you waiting for? The life of approval for the sign is generally specified at five, seven or 10 years depending on the site and traffic. You can be assured that you are dealing with a secure and reputable company. Put simply, if you were to erect a billboard... On Request. Feel free to contact the posters to explore opportunities further. Here is a list of lands and properties that are available for billboard development. "You can have a go yourself, but it's terribly complicated," he says. First, billboards, and especially smart billboards, are still seen by some as “art pieces”, giving them some form of street credibility. ! Every year we pay you, in advance, a fixed amount that we have agreed upon with you. You can usually get impressions data from your billboard company to verify what sort of CPM you are paying. Question: When a private property owner allows a company to lease or rent space to erect one or more billboards on the private property owner’s non-commercial property, does this change the status or classification of the private property to commercial? The property owner can be a private individual, municipality, county, religious institution, government or quasi … There is a unique opportunity to “flip” billboard leases and permits. The more views the advertisement receives, the more money the billboard owner is likely to be paid. If you want more time, you're going to have to pay. The former Auckland City Council Bylaws describe signs as:. Despite the growth of internet advertising over the last several years, billboards still have an important role to play in marketing and advertising campaigns around the world. For example you can choose billboard photo frames effects to appear on a framed billboard. It is possible that the poorer the terms are for the landowner, the longer the sign company will want the billboard lease to be. Use outdoor advertising campaigns to increase brand recognition and create awareness for your real estate agency or neighborhood expertise. After the campaign end, we store your billboard banner skin for 3 months. Our team travels the state every month ensuring our billboards are structurally sound and tidy, and to undertake any maintenance that may be required. It you own real estate that has a billboard on it, more than like the leasing company owns the permits, tags and the structure itself. Meaning you get paid even if the billboard is not filled for a period. Third, even though online ads have become incredibly intelligent at targeting specific users with defined interests, demographic characteristics, or behavioral triggers, there are so many elements of the web constantly competing for the user’s attention that even very good digital ads often simply get lost in the fray. Mobile billboards provide a great way for your message to stand out amongst the many different advertising mediums. You can purchase to own a billboard for your own advertising purposes or you can lease them to other vendors. Minimum campaign booking time is one lunar period (28 days). If someone has a problem with a billboard or broadcast, the avenues for recourse are clear – but skywriting is an entirely different matter Last … The biggest advantage to well-designed billboard advertisements is that they are often the only interesting visual entity that commuters see on their way to work or school, and now that billboards are becoming active members of the “Internet of Things” these billboards will be able to “communicate” in ways they never have before, allowing them to do a much better job of capturing people’s attention. Typically static billboards are booked for a minimum of 28 days (4 week display lunar periods).